Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wedgie Torture Story Have You Ever Been Submitted To Wedgie Torture?

Have you ever been submitted to wedgie torture? - wedgie torture story

If so, tell the story.


Michael said...

Hey you seem really wedgie, Plumjade. and the answer to your question, yes, it was a wedgie torture.

Once I was in a school trip in a hotel. Then at 3:00, for some reason I'm going out of the elevator to buy soda. When I made the 2 girls (which I do not seriously) came to me and hugged me to a table. Then grabbed my underwear and put it on a hanger. bound hands and feet shackled to a chair. I was left open. To put things more uncomfortable for me, salt on my *** hurts me more. Then 3 hours later they released me and I was again had noticed in his hotel room and no one, I went to bed.

harfis01 said...

No, never a wedgie.

BLUSKEYE... said...

YIKES! GAWD No, that sounds painful: 0

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